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March 2017

4 magic questions that will help parents better understand their child

Children are not grownups. Parents often forget that and have too high expectations from them, putting too many burdens on their shoulders, which they are not able to handle. Children, just like grownups, have their own problems, emotions, feelings, experiences. It is the duty of parents, be they present or away, to understand what is happening to their children. There are 4 magic questions a parent can ask themselves and seek answer to, in order to better understand their child: What does the child feel? Emotions are for children as breathing is for you. Their reactions and behavior externalize their inner world. If you want to understand your child, remember to ask yourself as often as possible what he/she feels [...]

“Families without Borders” at Chisinau International Airport

On February 28, 2017, more than 200 paper planes with emotive messages for parents who go abroad have been launched by a group of children and youth in the departure hall of Chisinau International Airport. The flash mob was organized by Terre des hommes Moldova, in partnership with the General Police Department and Border Police of the Republic of Moldova, with the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands, aiming to inform parents who go abroad about the actions they can take to protect their children left behind and raise awareness about the effects of migration on children. The event is part of the information campaign "Family without Borders" which provides useful and practical advice on how to maintain and develop a sound relationship between [...]

October 2016

“Families Without Borders” information campaign was launched, addressing to children left behind

On October 6, 2016, the Swiss agency “Terre des hommes” Moldova kicked off the “Families without Borders” information campaign that provides useful and practical advice on how to maintain and develop a sound and “without borders” relationship between parents and children, before and after the parents leave to work abroad. The campaign started with an informative and creative activity entitled “Migration – speaking to children...” at the Children and Youth Centre in the Gratiesti commune, Chisinau municipality. During the event, about 20 children improved their skills for positive communication with parents before and after the parents leave to work abroad and made and launched paper kites, on which they drew and wrote emotional messages for their parents. “Take care of [...]